impressions ft. HGTV shows

I was watching HGTV today and I wasn’t 100% sure what I was watching, but it was sure interesting, like usual.

HGTV is addicting to watch, and once you get started there’s hardly a way in going back. When I had the time, for example in the summer when there’s nothing to do, or when I’m folding my clothes down in the basement, popping HGTV on, you’ll definitely find something worth your time.

There are so many different shows, all focusing on, the home, which is obviously a key aspect in literally ever human being’s life.

Color Splash, with David Bromstad, is a really neat show, where he goes into his client’s home, and upon their requests for color and a store they would like to use for their purchases, they sit and wait around while David comes up with a neat design, obviously including the perfect amount of vibrant color, as well as making the room modern and more sophisticated than it previously was. Being a professional, his clients obviously love his work, who wouldn’t?! He has a nice impression.

I love David Bromstad, I think this show is a good example for people to get the jist of what colors go together, as well as an idea of how patterns and shapes go together as well. Depending on the space you have, and depending whether or not you’d like to spend money on it is another factor to consider, for entertaining and having guests over, a neat, modern, sophisticated room in a household is nice to have, for anyone.

Another good show I really like is House Hunters. There is no real specific host for the show, because it is taken/taped all over the world. Of the three houses that the couple/single person is choosing from, its always fun to think about what you think they will get, (most of the time I personally am wrong, but thats just me!). I find this show to be entertaining because people watching is interesting to me, meeting the people starring on each episode and what their wishlist is, and their budget is always interesting to me, because the result of what they will choose is either really obvious or hard to decipher. Additionally, its interesting on how each realtor handles the “house hunter”. I feel like you either know a good or bad realtor right off the bat, depending on how much they are willing to talk, and how much they know the house they are showing, or how much they want to be involved with their client. First impressions are nice.


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